Benefits WebJET CMS

WebJET CMS - nízka pravdepodobnosť napadnutia hackermi

Low likelihood of hacker attacks

You'll always have full control over your website. WebJET, being relatively less widespread to date, brings a significant advantage - there are no automated systems searching for its vulnerabilities, which could otherwise expose your website to hacker attacks. With WebJET CMS, you won't be exposed to potential threats posed by other well-known editorial systems. Security plays a crucial role in these times.

WebJET CMS - bez znalostí programovania

No programming knowledge required

Free your non-technically oriented employees from the hassle of using a technically demanding website. With WebJET CMS, anyone with access can create, manage, and edit content. This saves you money that you would otherwise have to spend on programmers or on training and educating technically less skilled users. And they'll have more time to focus on more important tasks. So why not make your life easier with this intuitive editorial system?

WebJET CMS - odlíši vás od konkurencie

Set yourself apart from the competition

Do you have specific goals your website needs to meet, and you want it to stand out? WebJET CMS is our brainchild, and we can tailor it exactly to your needs, ideas, and requirements. We'll customize the design to be in line with the purpose of the site as much as possible, and we'll also add our experience with an emphasis on user experience, which will undoubtedly elevate you.


WebJET  CMS - rýchle nasadenie

Quick deployment

Our years of experience open doors to quick and hassle-free implementation of WebJET CMS into your company. After purchase, you'll download the product, install and activate it yourself using a license key, and then you're ready to create.

WebJET CMS - zjednodušte svoj digitálny život

Simplify your (digital) life

Creating a website with WebJET CMS will help your team streamline workflows and work much more efficiently. With less training, your team will comfortably create and edit content without developer support. Your website will be just as easily configurable and updatable, and will have all the necessary features to help your company succeed.

WebJET CMS monitorovanie

Monitoring tools

For improving website performance, it's recommended to use monitoring tools that are part of WebJET CMS. To always have an overview of server performance, monitor several indicators at once:

  • free disk space
  • memory usage
  • CPU load
  • Information about software on the server
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