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Verified Secure System

Just as WebJET is secure in terms of the low likelihood of hacker attacks, it is also secure from other perspectives - track logins, assign rights for publishing, editing, and approving content, record changes that occurred in your absence, or require website visitors to verify themselves through captcha verification.


Captcha verification

Want to distinguish between real people and bots? Add captcha verification to your website, which will help you do just that and significantly reduce attempts by robots to access your portal. In WebJET CMS, you can choose which captcha function to set up - ticking the "I am not a robot" box, rewriting the displayed code of letters and numbers, or clicking on selected parts of an image.

Website Activity Monitoring

On the WebJET CMS homepage, you'll see several monitoring sections:

1.Logged-in users, where all historical logins to the system are displayed.

2.My recent pages, which are the pages you recently edited directly.

3.Changed pages, which show a list of recently edited pages in general.

User Management, Rights, and Access

When managing user accounts, you can set various permissions for individual users - access rights to file lists and parts of the website. To simplify things, you can create user groups and assign group rights, then simply add users to the relevant group. Within WebJET CMS, you can manage not only administrators (website editors) but also registered visitors who have access to client or partner areas, as well as email groups. You can import and export all users to and from Excel format XLS.

GDPR - Stay Compliant with Legislation

Do you have unanswered questions about setting up cookie collection on your website? We have a pre-set cookie bar for you, from which you can start and at the same time comply with GDPR requirements.


Cookies as an Essential Part of Today's Websites

We have prepared a predefined cookie bar for you to inform visitors to your website about the collection of cookies stored on their computers, and at the same time, they can confirm or reject their consent with it. If you place the application in the footer of the page, it will be displayed to visitors on every page until they confirm or reject it. The set time is 30 days, after which the bar will be displayed to visitors again for confirmation.

General Data Protecion Regulatioin

With the GDPR application, you will remain compliant with legislation - it scans your websites to determine if they contain forms that would collect sensitive information from visitors, such as date of birth, social security number, contract number, and similar data. It also assists with cookie management and allows you to delete or anonymize stored data within the WebJET database.

Website as a Marketing Tool

Presentation website, sales channel, blog, portal, ... WebJET CMS has comprehensive use. Evaluate which version of the site is more successful using A/B testing. Get direct feedback from your visitors through surveys and questionnaires. Optimize keywords on your website to stay one step ahead of the competition, or track visitor behavior and see how they navigate your site using click monitoring.


Find out which version of the site is more successful through A/B testing

Show one group of visitors version A of the site, another group version B, and evaluate which was more successful in terms of visitor interaction, viewed subpages, opened images, ordered products, read blogs, or overall time spent on the site. You can define the ratio in which the versions are displayed to visitors as you wish.

Surveys to revitalize the website and interact with visitors

Give website visitors the opportunity to interact and engage in discussions, surveys, and questionnaires, through which you can, among other things, gain a form of feedback. Revitalize your website and create:

1.Surveys to measure visitor preferences, either with predefined answer options, or leave fields open for full text response;

2.Questionnaires or quizzes, where you can also specify correct answers and visitors will be able to, for example, test themselves on your website in a particular topic, such as whether they know a product, service, and so on. After submitting the form, the result and correct answers will be displayed automatically.

Search Engine Optimalization 

Search engine optimization, or SEO optimization, is associated with keywords on the website - with WebJET CMS, you don't need additional tools to analyze keyword occurrence on Google. In the SEO application, you can find out for yourself how much a given word or phrase is searched, based on which you can then consider whether to incorporate it into the content of your website as well.

Track visitor movement on your website with click monitoring

With the click map (heatmap) within WebJET CMS, you can monitor visitor movement on the site and also identify the places where they clicked the most, evaluating whether you have the correct buttons for clicks or files for download set up in these places, and if not, work on it.

Preferred visualization of your website

Customize the appearance of your website according to your own preferences - whether we are talking about laying out any tree structure or arranging blocks and applications.


Tree structure

Lay out the skeleton of your website from the layout of the main menu bar on the left, right or in the middle, to the individual sections on the subpages. The number of categories in the main menu is up to you - you create or delete them simply by adding and naming directories. Likewise, the number of levels of texts and images on subpages.

Apps anywhere on your web

Do you have an exact idea where you want texts, banners, photo galleries, buttons, forms, polls and discussion boxes, or a date with meninami? Perfect - you can embed WebJET CMS applications anywhere within the web.


Media is an addition to any website. Insert images, videos or presentations into yours! Easy uploading and creation of photo galleries is one of the features of WebJET CMS.


Photos and videos

Upload photo galleries to your website and share images from events, whether internal or external, with your visitors. By dragging and dropping, i.e. the "drag & drop" function, you can upload photos individually or in bulk, WebJET will handle it and automatically adjust them to an adequate format. However, if you are not completely satisfied with it, you can adjust the size of the images in the online image editor, crop them, or rotate them at will. And don't forget the Alt texts, in which you describe what is in the image, in case someone doesn't see the photo.

In addition, you can also upload videos redirected from YouTube, Vimeo or uploaded from a file to your website.

Impress with a presentation

Build a slideshow from your media with animated 3D transition effects. Each can be formatted as desired - it concerns the color, headings, subheadings and texts, font, background and the corresponding photo.

Social networks and interaction with visitors

Write blogs, create discussions and let visitors interact using the features they are familiar with from Facebook. Put the date and name day, event calendar, or link to your social networks on your website. Let visitors rate your site, let them write you recommendations, or communicate with them directly via live chat.



Keep your website alive with regular blog posts, which are really easy to create with WebJET CMS with the Blog application. You can put the articles in preset blocks, add titles, annotations, photos or videos, or specify the author of the article if you are not the author. The last step is to publish the article - either you do so immediately after creating it, or you choose any publication date when the article should be published itself.


Start discussions about blog articles - put a simple discussion question under the article, or create an entire discussion forum and thus allow readers to directly interact with the given topic. Reader posts can be managed and displayed from oldest to newest, or vice versa, or set a time limit after which the post will be deleted.

Facebook elements

If the site visitor is logged in to Facebook, he can join the discussion under his profile and add comments as we know them from this social network. You can further reply or react to comments using the "like" buttons, or share the article on your profile with your friends.

Calendar, dates and names

Do you organize cultural, sports or educational events, shows, seminars, webinars, competitions or other activities within your company? Add them to your calendar and allow visitors to follow the program of activities planned by you on your website.

At the same time, you can add the current date to your website and, if it suits you, also name days. After all, from time to time everyone is looking for who has a name day on a given day - they don't have to look for it with you.

Rating - assessment

Get ratings from your customers directly on your website using the Rating component in WebJET CMS. Your clients can rate the products and services you offer with stars - whether it concerns a restaurant, hotel, rental of equipment or premises, or you have an e-shop and you want individual products to be rated by users. An average is made from all entered ratings and displayed to the visitor.

Customer recommendations

Increase the credibility of your site and the products and services you offer by allowing customers, in addition to a star rating, to provide written feedback, or attach a photo, to the purchased products or services. The experiences of others will often help potential customers make decisions.

Live chat

Be a website visitor available for live chat. Your experts will thus be in direct contact with the customer in real time, which can support the success of your sales or information channel and at the same time build the communication reliability of your company. You can also set the time periods when the chat icon will be displayed automatically and when it will notify the visitor that there are currently no specialists available, but they can leave a message to get back in touch.

Search directly on your website

Do you ever find yourself looking for something specific on the web and can't find it? Make it easier for your visitors and use the WebJET CMS search applications, which will successfully find the required words and phrases on your website. In addition to the pages themselves, the applications also search for the occurrence of given words in the files uploaded to the page, they will not miss anything.



Make it easy for visitors to search for specific terms with a quick search engine on your site. In addition to offering them the result of the searched words faster, from the analytics you will find out what they were looking for on your website and possibly you can think about whether to find a new, more visible location for this term, which visitors can reach without having to use a search engine.

In case you have uploaded files on the website, the search engine application will also scan these and offer the visitor all relevant results. They can be files from MS Word (doc), Excel (xls), PowerPoint (ppt), but also files of the type pdf, xml, or txt.

Customer relationship management

Don't forget to include forms on your website through which visitors can contact you, but also a set of frequently asked questions that you can answer in advance without them asking. Can't your customers find you? Put an interactive map on the page that will immediately navigate them to your address. If you have a restaurant, hotel, car rental, or similar facilities and rooms that your customers can reserve, you can use the handy reservation system application with WebJET CMS.


Create simple and advanced forms

Forms can be helpful in several situations - when recruiting new employees, through which they can apply for a position, when getting feedback from site visitors, when contacting a certain department if something on the website is not answered, when requesting price offers, and many more next.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (F&Q) are a part of almost every website today, create answers to those related to your business and answer your site visitors' questions without them having to ask them at all. This application allows you to create questions and answers and embed them on web pages. At the same time, however, it can collect visitors' questions from the contact form, through which you can then answer them.

Document sharing for web visitors

Do you have forms or other forms that are useful for visitors to your website? Hang them on the site and let visitors download these materials. If necessary, you can set accessibility to documents - only those with access will be able to access them.


Do customers or suppliers need to reach you? The interactive map is the solution - after clicking, it will open the application with navigation directly to you.


The reservation system in WebJET CMS allows you to view the availability of your offered services, equipment, products, vehicles - basically anything that can be booked. Whether it's hotel rooms and conference rooms, restaurant tables, travel tickets and tickets for cultural events, sports fields and playgrounds, appointments for massages, examinations, but also rentals of any means of transport, from cars to bicycles, scooters, motorbikes, to quad bikes and so on.


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